A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's just like the first day of school (complete with new pencils)

I had my first full day of lessons with my new students and I think I'm going to love this. Well, I think I'm going to love this until I mix up Kaylee, Kaitlin and Kylie for the fourteenth time. If my clarinet school was on Sesame St., we'd all know 1/3 of the sponsors by the end of the first hour.

Seriously, though, my kids are great and they're already working hard. There are some great natural players in the students I picked up, and many of my old ones have gone above and beyond my expectations for keeping up their practice schedule. I do believe that I will again have a couple of All-Staters this year.

The thing that my students lack, however, is taste. My summer reality television schedule was pretty sparse (one show) and my students are all rooting for the wrong contestant. J.D. is not cool. You guys (and girls) are just very wrong. You know who's cool? Marty. Why do I like Marty? Among other reasons, it is because of the way he listens to the other contestants perform. He misses lots of pitches, but you know what? Every time he's on the screen, I just want to hear what he has to say. He completely draws me in, and I'm taken by the raw passion and immediacy of the way he sings things. Goodness. It's a fun, mindless hour a week, anyway (as long as J.D. is away from my screen).

But, (and don't tell my students this) I am completely the wrong person to listen to. I don't know anything at all about the band these singers are auditioning for. Uhhhh.... I know they don't use the word "timbre" and, more importantly, they don't mispronounce like the American Idol judges. (Boy, do I dislike that trainwreck of a idea. There's something that works the same way as that show. You know what it's called? Where the most popular product/singer wins? It's called: The Market and it's more efficient than the show, amazingly enough. *sigh*) Anyway, that's all I know about them - I like them better than the American Idol judges and they use words they know how to pronounce. I'm totally not the right person to ask about who's "right for the band" or who did a better job with the covered songs (since I have no concept of the original), but I do know who I like. I like Marty. A lot.

I don't know what they see in that J.D. guy. Bleh.

Anyway, more lessons tomorrow (eek!) and, hopefully, some getting used to this schedule again. I don't think it will be too hard, though. I just have to let the initial elation of being around my awesome kids wear off a bit.