A Glass of Chianti

Monday, September 05, 2005

Reflecting on the summer

I spent yesterday afternoon in and by a pool listening to two squirrels passionately bark at each other and watching a bluejay dart from tree to tree. Since I began this summer with pretty much all of my free time spent by a lake, it is fitting that I ended the season near the water as well. I set some goals for myself back in May which I wanted to accomplish over the course of the summer. Let's see how the summer of 2005 went for me:

Falling very short:

I abandoned my French studies after only a couple of weeks. I got distracted by, well, other things and, frankly, I don't feel so bad about it.
I didn't buy a new pair of shoes.
My knowledge of popular music post-1970(ish) is still just as embarrassing as it was back in May.

Falling a little short:
I gained almost all of the 10 pounds that I wanted to back in May.
I didn't quite get through the entire Hite Artistic Studies (Italian School) book. I feel pretty good about most of the caprices, but there are a couple of Magnani etudes that are just not fit for public consumption.
I am happy with most of my Latin translations, but I didn't get to nearly as many as I planned, nor did I post any. I'm a big chicken where that is concerned.

I did, indeed, get a sunburn.
I started a new blog.
I succeeded in getting at least 6 hours of sleep most nights.
I got several sets of new underwear.
I saw some new movies.
I got a haircut (even if it was horrible)
I read lots more poetry than I had set out to.
I kept Coco's shots current.
I had a picnic with a nice Riesling.

So, on balance, I think I did pretty well this summer. What struck me as I was swimming and thinking yesterday, though, was how this summer has been so much different than I thought it was going to be, and how much of it is kind of related to this place. I thought I was gearing up for a nice, quiet, introspective season of bookish delights and small pleasures. It was completely different. I got to see a beautiful new city. I met new people. I exchanged e-mails with three of my biggest heroes in the whole Internet world (and I only had to stalk one of them!). I found myself with new students and a new job. Louis Prima has a new listener out there in the world. With the exception of my new students, it's all about the blogging. ;) Early August was rough for a million reasons, but I am incredibly thankful for all that this summer has been.

The next semester promises to be just as exciting, so I look forward to drawing up a new set of goals and evaluating them in December. I also suspect that my students will supply quite a few more stories to share. In any case, my white sandals are tucked away and my turtlenecks are out in anticipation of the November chill. I think it will be great!