A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A joke for the musically inclined

From Musical Perceptions (a new blog to me, and one which will be added to my little list as soon as I figure out if I want to do some "major" reshuffling, or just some small modifications...)

Musical intrigue at the bar:

A 'C,' an E-flat, and a 'G' go into a bar. The bartender says: "Sorry,but we don't serve minors." So the E-flat leaves, and the C and the G have an open fifth between them. After a few drinks, the fifth is diminished and the G is out flat. An F comes in and tries to augment the situation, but is not sharp enough.

A 'D' comes into the bar and heads straight for the bathroom saying,"Excuse me. I'll just be a second." Then an A comes into the bar, but the bartender is not convinced that this relative of C is not a minor. Then the bartender notices a B-flat hiding at the end of the bar and exclaims, "Get out now. You're the seventh minor I've found in this bar tonight."

The E-flat, not easily deflated, comes back to the bar the next night in a 3-piece suit with nicely shined shoes. The bartender (who used to have a nice corporate job until his company downsized) says, "You're looking sharp tonight, come on in! This could be a major development." This proves to be the case, as the E-flat takes off the suit, and everything else, and stands there au naturale.

Eventually, the C sobers up, and realizes in horror that he's under a rest. The C is brought to trial, is found guilty of contributing to the diminution of a minor, and is sentenced to 10 years of DS without Coda at an upscale correctional facility.

My camera's screen is broken. I'm kinda sad. The HP help center has been very helpful so far. It seems I have to ship it off to the replacement center in McAllen. Actually, I only think I do, because the 800 number they gave me and told me to call before I ship (apparently to confirm the address, as the support line didn't have the "current information") is not in service. So.... yeah. I'm kinda confused at this point. And on hold. I do hope this is the end of the "excitement" for today.