A Glass of Chianti

Monday, August 29, 2005

Of interest to nobody but me

but... I just figured out a way to have calls from certain groups of in my address book go ring silently (and thus, go to voicemail without me having to send them there) and have the rest ring audibly. Technology is great.

I'm not saying that my list of students is currently set this way, but...

It's 10:45, and I've already spoken to three students (calling before their school day began, to tell me that their band director is insisting they use a certain brand and model mouthpiece.... *sigh*...) and two parents of students (calling from work, and basically wanting a walk-through of the December All-Region process). They're great, wonderful, perfect people with good questions, but I've reached my limit for pre-lunch advising calls.

Also, equipment bigoted band directors are my least favorite people in the world. Especially when they don't play the clarinet. Actually, especially when they do. They should know better than that.