A Glass of Chianti

Saturday, August 27, 2005

On the agenda for tomorrow

1. As nice as this has been, it's really no substitute for the real beads... so, I firmly resolve to find an acceptable rosary.
2. Weary of spending a (self-imposed) minimum of 4 hours a day over the last month traveling my city, (I can't rightly complain about being lonely if I'm not looking for people to interact with) I resolve to retire to my television early in the day and not feel guilty about just watching a stupid movie.
3. I guess I resolve to clean my cat's litterbox. It doesn't make me as happy as the other obligations.
4. I resolve to cook a fabulous dinner of pasta with white sauce and little shrimpies and share (at least a couple shrimp) with my Coco.
5. I resolve not to count my students' notebooks again. There are plenty. Seriously.

But now? Bedtime for Sarah. I'm feeling better already. :)