A Glass of Chianti

Monday, August 22, 2005

Comfort movies

There's a pretty neat post at girish's place about "comfort movies." He describes them as "wonderful films that are proudly unguilty pleasures. I've seen these too often to disclose - it would be almost embarrassing." The comments have kind of turned into a "what movie do you watch when you are ill or need something to lull you to sleep" thing.

Here are my movies that "I've seen... too often to disclose" and I put on when, well, I don't have conversation to lull me to sleep:

Rushmore, North by Northwest, The Lion in Winter, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Red, The Magnificent Seven

(though not a movie) any Futurama disc my brother was wonderful enough to give me for Christmas

I've fallen asleep to Lohengrin too often to count. I guess that would be my "comfort opera."