A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yes, it's Ovid...

but I'll keep it short because we don't want this place to descend into smut too quickly now...
Questus eram, pharetra cum protinus ille soluta
legit in exitium spicula facta meum,
lunavitque genu sinuosum fortiter arcum,
'quod' que 'canas, vates, accipe' dixit 'opus!'
Me miserum! certas habuit puer ille sagittas.
uror, et in vacuo pectore regnat Amor.

After a couple of weeks of his Tristia being more appropriate, it was nice to have a short meeting with the Amores. Someday I'll be able to stop the little butterflies in my stomach long enough to have a coherent conversation. Now, though, I suppose I'll just enjoy the heady feeling.