A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The plan for today was

10:00 - Take my Coco to the vet and get her rabies shot.
10:45 - Bring Coco home and apologize for the vet trip with some kitty treats and a new toy.
12:30 - Meet a girlfriend in Dallas for lunch and to see Broken Flowers
3:00 - Seriously, really, honestly find some jeans so I'm not backed into wearing skirts all December.
4:30 - Drive back to Fort Worth and read a book with my kitty keeping me company.

This was the plan. Now that my girlfriend has plans even more exciting than meeting me (and, by extension, Bill Murray) for a date, my inner Amon Carter has come out and I have decided that a trip to Dallas is just not what I'd like to be doing. After the vet, I'm going to go to the museums on Camp Bowie and eat at Kincaid's. I might even make it out to the zoo.

Sure, it's not convincing the future American Airlines to move their headquarters to Fort Worth just to spite that other city, but I do what I can for my hometown.