A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A marching band program

Based on the life of St. Ambrose would be pretty awesome. The first movement could be a depiction of the Arians in Milan - lots of scatter drills, I suppose, would be in order. The music for the second movement could be an extended Ambrosian chant form representing truth in face of heresy. The great emotional apex of the show could take place after the Arians are expelled from the field and the band makes a great beehive form. The color guard could carry scourges...

See how perfect this is?!?!

All I need to do is invent an awesome weather machine that will make the summers in Texas bearable.

*sigh* I have to clean out my e-mail draft folder (becaue I know I have some odd things in there that won't ever be sent) and then I'll get to work composing this Ambrosian masterpiece. ;)