A Glass of Chianti

Monday, August 01, 2005

Ahhhhh.... home for a bit

Morning rehearsal went well. The kids are excited to be back to marching because they're insane. It's a non-state year, so everything is a little more loose than normal. All in all, it was a nice introduction to a year where I am sooooo glad not to have to be the director. We'll see the differences in attitude when I stop by the other school (where it is a state year)tomorrow. Volunteering (except for the pay) is great. Especially when you can set the schedule. ;)

Lots of pictures of my kiddies to come. They're all adorable and sweet. Music rehearsal this afternoon will be wonderful... and INDOORS!!

I have a post all worked up addressing the awesomeness of technology in recent marching show design, but I can't edit it now because I'm eating fruit and replenishing my fluids lost from my day in the sun.

Have I mentioned the awesome kids that I saw today? Yes? Oh.