A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I hate to do this

As it is a "paper of record" and all...
Western boots worn out of season represent "a really strong trend, one that still is gaining momentum," said Michael Atmore, the editorial director of Footwear News, a trade weekly. And to judge by the number of boot makers who have added Western models to their lineups, Mr. Atmore said, "a lot of companies are banking on the look for spring, summer and fall."

but it is impossible to wear "Western" boots out of season. Seriously.
a) Seasons don't exist where "Western" boots are worn and
b) There is never an inappropriate time or place for boots.

The suggestion at the end of the article that one should buy cowboy boots at Saks or Steve Madden is really cute. I love Steve Madden. My two pairs of tennis shoes from that company rank as some of my best purchases ever. Listen, boots are Justin boots or they are nothing. (Don't let the Luccese Lobby try to convince you otherwise. They're from San Antonio. San Antonio is not Texas. San Antonio defected from the Great State long before they elected Henry Cisneros as mayor.)