A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Is it really Wednesday already?

The great: Thankfully, the job-related disaster stemming from the first returned call has been addressed and is no longer causing me any worry. I have an appointment with my confessor this afternoon. There is a ton of great food in my kitchen. I have clean clothing and the most amazing students in the world. Life is wonderful.

The not great: Last night there was a second (not job-related) issue that arose and has caused great worry and distress. It will all be rectified this evening, but it must wait until either my non-hippie sister comes home from work or my parents do. I'm usually pretty good with patience, but this test is not cool.

The verdict: On balance (6 to 1), I think I'm doing incredibly well.

The future: I'm leaving tomorrow for the weekend on a mystery vacation. My final destination's state bird may be prettier than my dear mockingbird, but their state song sucks*. I'm going someplace new and I have the best tour guide in the business showing me around. All I need to do is pack and resolve this one last-minute detail.
I'd say things are pretty darn great down here in Texas, even if it is 100 degrees outside.

*The traditional tie-breaker of who has a nicer state flower is a draw, sadly enough.