A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I need a break

I've been battling a mild case of anxiety for the past few days, mostly over my new students. I've been doing the first round of preliminary scheduling (which is easier than I had thought it was going to be) and compiling a starter lesson notebook for each of my new students (which is much more work than I had anticipated). All through this, I've been doing some revisions on my master method book and I've found that I pretty much hate everything that I've done in my lessons for the past six years. It's been rough, but productive.

The good part of this mood is that I'm quite a bit more entertaining in social situations. Apparently internal discord is good for the wit and I was, by all accounts, quite the hit last night in my chaperone role. (I did have fun, but I would have had more if I wasn't working off so much tension, I think.)

Today is (I hope) going to be a little slower than the pace I've worked up over the past few weeks. I went to Mass, sang some "I Love to Tell the Story" and "No Tears in Heaven" with the Baptists walking to their church across the street and came home to leftover pork chops and a playful kitty. After my early lunch, I sat down to play some video games with Aida playing over the computer speakers*. There are very few things that I'd rather be doing, and I think that today is going to be a large step in the right direction. :)

*Just so you know, Verdi is a great soundtrack for various Castlevania games, a surprisingly good one for Super Smash Bros. Melee, but is a disaster and a half for Super Monkey Ball. I just thought I'd share.