A Glass of Chianti

Saturday, July 09, 2005

A Saturday list

1) My neighbors were setting off fireworks* last night, as they have every night this week. I'm getting tired of this and I'd like to politely request that they knock it off. Rather than ask in a face-to-face manner (complete with cookies) I'm just going to post and hope it causes them to consider the fact that they're really making sleeping difficult for my cat.

2) The peach is, surely, one of God's greatest gifts.

3) I'm homebound playing semi-chaperone tonight so entertainment ideas would be greatly appreciated.... otherwise, I'm watching Patton.

4) I may not have any informed ideas about the Supreme Court nomination(s...), but I have very firm opinions about the new TMEA region realignment. (Short version: Wonderous!)

5) The Girl Scout cookies formerly known as Samoas are pretty great, even when living in the back of a pantry for six-ish months.

6) No matter what they teach you in music school, Aaron Copland is good for your ears.

7) I shouldn't worry so much. I have an awesome life.

*I know they're fireworks and not gunshots because Coco no longer flinches at the latter.