A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's good you weren't in Fort Worth tonight

I do believe that the only thing that is worse than my singing is my dancing. Even so, that is how I spent a good portion of my evening. Really, though, you can't blame me - I was listening to Milton Brown (& His Musical Brownies) and Spade Cooley (& His Western Dance Group) among others. Anyone who doesn't want to dance (however badly) while listening to western swing has a heart made of stone.

*sigh* Anyway, how 'bout a bit of Bob Wills (& His Texas Playboys)?
Put on your new shoes,
Put on your gown.
Shake off them sad blues,
The big ball's in town.

Big ball's in Cowtown,
We'll all go down.
Big ball's in Cowtown,
We'll dance a-round.

It doesn't seem like poetry unless you know the song, of course... ;)