A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Because, you see, it's still just a game to me

I know nobody likes these (though I don't understand), and I also know that I've done it before here, but... it's still a game, so I'll play, if only because The New Victorian asked nicely*. ;)

1). How much music do I have? (By the way, I don't get the whole parenthesis and a period after the numbers...). Previously, my answer was a ridiculous 140 GB. Now, however, I've moved all of my band stuff to a removable hard drive (and, ummmmm... maybe augmented my collection a bit from the district's music libraries. Maybe) so it's not all in one area. I'm down to a respectable and reasonable 68 GB now. I feel much better, and can find what I'd like to easier.

2). What was the last CD I bought? Hmmmm... I honestly can't remember. Persichetti is ringing a bell, but I can't figure out if that's the last thing I bought, or merely the last thing that was delivered. Let's go with Persichetti, though.

3). What am I listening to right now?
Well, I'm talking online to a very wonderful friend, so I'm listening for the little chime that makes me smile. But I'm really watching a very strange science fiction adaptation of the Odyssey that I'd not heard of before today. It's not bad at all. :)

4). Five songs I listen to that mean a lot to me?

(Well, if we're talking whole works, I'll give you the quick, un-annotated list:
Wagner's Lohengrin
Beethoven's 7th Symphony (2nd movement)
Verdi's Requiem
Bernstein's Slava! (for band)
the Clarinet Quintet of Brahms.
However, that is misleading. I'm not much of a Wagnerian, for one.)

In any case it asks for songs and so here are five that mean a lot to me. I'm guessing there isn't much of an overlap with the last group. (I'm a woman, can't not be fickle...) Also, I'll spare you guys the sap. *sigh*
a) "Beyond the Sea" - Bobby Darin
b) "Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider" - Milton Brown
c) "Sad Songs and Waltzes" - Cake
d) "Go Slow" - Julie London (I know, I know! I'm embarrassed, too!)
e) Almost any setting of the "Agnus Dei"

5). I'm passing this meme on to: As always, I just don't. The rejection would be more than I could bear. ;)

*I remember a time where I would never get tagged at all because, well, all of my livejournal friends were anti-meme. So, I would just pick up one or another on my own and answer it all for my lonesome. I didn't know that I could be found out that way... nor did I realize it was kind of an insular game you "couldn't" play unless you were tagged. But those days were long ago and far away.