A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I was getting my schedules all consolidated on my master calendar when I realized that I hadn't yet marked my dates with the Houston Opera (nor purchased my subscription. I'm obviously running late this year). Looking for the schedule, I saw something that really puzzled me. There's a "casual dress" subscription series? In Houston? Listen, I'm a big lover of the Houston Grand Opera. I sing its praises to everyone I know. I drag people along with me four hours south just to see the wonder that is Houston but I'm always overdressed... and I don't even get dressed up. (Yes, I know how flattering old pictures taken in my parents' bathroom are. They're the ones I have. Deal. If you want to be my date and take proper pictures of me in my opera attire, my e-mail address is on the sidebar. We'll talk. ;)) Knee-length knit dresses aren't formal.

Seriously, if there is one opera company who doesn't need a casual dress series, it's Houston.

I also note the lack of an contemporary opera this season. My season ticket commitment is getting shakier and shakier for this year.