A Glass of Chianti

Friday, July 22, 2005

Audition Music

The soprano clarinets' selections are wonderful. My younger students are not going to love the sections in the altissimo but they really aren't too demanding.

The low clarinets' selections, however, SUCK. And what is more depressing is that I will hear the three pieces at every bass clarinet lesson from now until at least December and ( as I hope that some of these students go on to the second tier of auditions) perhaps into mid-January.

I won't mind hearing the Bb and Eb soprano selections for months, but I actively hate the alto and bass etudes. I won't bore anyone with the why here... but if you really want to know why it is a bad idea to use overly repetitive and finger technique-heavy selections for the purposes of high school bass clarinetists' seat auditions, I can let you have an ear full.