A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, July 21, 2005

My students are awesome

The great news: The selections for Texas All-State audition material are released tomorrow. I've already talked to three eager students this morning who had the date mixed up and wanted to know what etudes they were to be working on. My students are awesome!

The not great news: Well, it's great and I'm happy for him and his girlfriend, really. My last friend who remained in the Metroplex is moving out of this great state in September. Jobs are great (and promotions are better) and I'm really, really excited for them. That being said, my friends need to stop getting jobs in places like Utah and D.C. and Seattle and Atlanta and Michigan and San Diego. Seriously.

So, since everyone else has moved (or is moving) away, I'm going to move, too. I'm going to live in Chile. My Spanish is fairly good already and by immersing myself in it I should be back to fluent within a couple of weeks. Chile has lots of mountains and lots of beaches and lots of rain and lots of snow. There are also penguins. Soon, Chile will have a Sarah, too. I don't know exactly what I'd do in Chile right now, but every South American country needs a resident (though not professional) Austrian economist, right?