A Glass of Chianti

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday in Fort Worth

I just spent the better part of this afternoon playing with these books. Two points:
1. This is a case where the sequel is better than the original
2. Having Baroque music playing in the background while working on the lists in the back, while it does sound like a clever idea, is actually very distracting.

The Apostle is movie that I really wish more people I know had seen. By no means obscure, I'm still the only one I know who's seen it. (This obviously a function more of the people I hang around with than the movie itself.) Plot holes by the bunches, but it really is a pleasure to watch on a summer afternoon.

My mother listened to entirely too much John Denver when I was little. My father was a Johnny Cash man. I've spent this afternoon listening to my randomized music selection where Laurindo Almeida and Mitch & Mickey have figured prominently. Music is great.

OK. And now the real reason for this entry:
I've never seen a James Bond movie*. I'm wanting to rectify this spread out over this coming week, though I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions for an introduction? What are the ones that I shouldn't miss? I'm sure there are skippable ones.

*I know this is a terrible thing to admit in public. What's worse is that I've not seen a Star Wars movie, either. I've sat at parties where one or another was playing in the background, but I was generally preparing food while it was going on. Eventually, I'll correct this oversight, as well.