A Glass of Chianti

Friday, July 22, 2005

Counting my blessings

I have the best students in the world! I just needed to say that yet again.

I just had a very odd day today. This post will be of no interest to, well, anyone but me. I'm OK with the weirdness level, though, because.... uh... this is my home. :)

1. I'm not going into it here (but will supply details for any who care to know) but this (sent to me by a friend) made me very happy. Warning: addictive music!
2. Tomorrow, I am going to the Amon Carter Museum for a very brief morning visit just to see this and this and this. To think that it is possible just to randomly pop in and visit a favorite piece or two.... I live in a wonderful place!
3. I have been able to avoid the incredibly seductive call of both the Objectivists and the Communists because I realize that man is fallen.
4. Pecan season is only a few months away!
5. I have a great cat.
6. Inspired by a recent conversation, I found a copy of an essay from college and it is much better than I had remembered. This is probably due to the fact that I not only don't recall much about the writing of it bur I can remember nothing but the library interior from that semester. It did show me that at one time I was a pretty good writer. It was probably the subject of the paper, though. Inspirational! ;)
7. I'm a healthy girl.