A Glass of Chianti

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Almost Sunday in New York

Tomorrow will be my first, so it still remains to be seen if this song is an accurate depiction of life in the Yankeeland Central after Mass. The blow-by-blow (blog-by-blog?) account of our first Weekiversary is here should you be interested in how two newlyweds in the big city capped their first week of married life (hint: more Chianti than you can shake a stick at).

I had my first "New York moment" on Wednesday. Angus and I were walking down the sidewalk on the way home and all I could do was think about how annoying it was that the girl walking in front of us was going soooooo slowly. Would it have killed her to speed up?!? *sigh*

Blogging will still be light for the next week or so while Angus and I are settling in. After that, though, I'll have lots of hours in the day to fill while Angus is off working and before my lessons start in the afternoons. Let the return to blogging begin (in a week or so)! ;-)