A Glass of Chianti

Friday, July 28, 2006

If all goes well tomorrow

I think that it looks to be smooth sailing from now until the wedding (and, obviously, after the wedding, too). I haven't felt so sure the past few months and it's nice to finally feel on top of things. Now I just have to do the fun stuff like sell the Debaucherymobile, figure out what Angus and I really need from my random accumulation of crap (hint: it's mostly stuffed penguins, books, scarves and clarinets I have to offer) and find out once and for all how many of the boxes in the garage are really mine, realizing that most of the contents is probably going to need to be given to charity.

Tomorrow's plan: a Mass of thanksgiving in the morning and then I'm going to do some long-desired reading. Maybe (if I have time) I'll get back to feeling sane, too.