A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Never did no wandering

I'm teaching a band camp this week at one of the places that used to employ me on a regular basis. Band camp is always fun (especially when you're not needed for the outdoor portions) but I have two complaints:
  1. The air conditioning in the choir room is non-existent. When combined with a room full of 14- to 18-year olds, this leads to minor heat-induced delirium for all parties pretty quickly.
  2. The kids all have much better summers than I used to. The "what I did with my summer vacation" portion of yesterday uncovered trips to Chicago, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, two Caribbean cruises, several church "mission" trips Colorado and/or New York, France, and Croatia among some other places that I'm forgetting. It's nuts! None of them got to hear Latin being spoken as I did (not that I bragged*) but the competition for second-best summer vacation to that was pretty stiff. I'm going with Chicago, though the student didn't make time to go visit any of the Frank Lloyd Wright in the city. *sigh*
Other than that, though, camp is going well. It helps the time pass until The Yankee arrives on Saturday, anyway.

*Seriously. I didn't.