A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still in computer purgatory

Which is great, since I know I'll eventually make it to computer Paradise, but it's really, really painful to be without USB ports in the mean time. (And why did my new hard disk come without a jumper shunt? That is, like, the most annoying thing in the world to not have in the package when you're wanting to be able to attempt to salvage things on the old drive. I guess I could just install things... but... I'll just have to crack the thing open again when I find the twelfth of a cent replacement part.)

So, what does a young woman in 2006 do when her computer is being unfriendly? She reads! Lots of good books! If she's a woman of a certain bent, she reads Thomas Day's Why Catholics Can't Sing and a certain blogger's creatively named A Terry Teachout Reader. Once I get my computer back on track, I suspect there will be thoughts on the first, but know there will be things to say about the latter.

Anyway, I'm really just checking in to say thanks for all of the nice wishes that you have sent along to Angus and me. I know that I'm pretty incredibly happy (if not nearly close to being ready to answer any of the questions that people seem to be asking...). The only thing keeping me from floating away with all the good feelings is the fact that it's over 90 degrees outside. 94 is simply too hot to even think about going outside, let alone taking leave of the ground...