A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Not literally perdido of course but, well, it's accurate to a point. I'll be heading off in a few hours to parts northern and non-Texan until Sunday. When I am back in Texas I will not only have a head crammed full of new things that are completely useless to my lessons, but I will also be well-rested, and a whole year older. How's that for a weekend's plans?

While I'm gone, though, make sure to partake in some medal round curling action. (That Canada vs. Finland match should be pretty great.) Sign this map, read some of the neat blogs over in the sidebar and keep an eye on those penguins! I return late Sunday evening, (but probably won't really be back until Monday after my lessons). Have fun while I'm away, and when I return there will definitely be a new profile picture and surely be much to talk about.