A Glass of Chianti

Monday, February 27, 2006

Not every engagement story begins with

The phrase "we decided not to go to the second panel" but I think the really neat ones do. A couple of warnings before you continue:
  • Angus and I are pretty dorky people, so our standards of "neat" are most likely very different than yours.
  • It is likely to get pretty sappy by the end. I just warn you in case you are allergic.
We had decided the night before to miss the second panel of the next day ostensibly because it was likely going to be pretty highly technical and of little interest to the lone clarinetist attendee. So after my first in-person encounter with a real-life LaRouchite(!) at the morning panel, we left the Columbia campus to take a stroll down to a nearby park. It was a little cold and very windy but it was a pleasant walk, as all are with Angus. After wandering around (our progress being hindered by the cold and my sore feet) we found a bench where we could sit down. After a bit, Angus asked if he could ask me two questions. I thought that the first was going to be if my feet were rested enough to walk up a few more hills and the second was going to be about if I had any opinions about lunch plans. His first question was actually if we could kiss a little more (answer: of course). I would come to find out that it was really just a trick so I would close my eyes while he went into his pocket to pull out a pretty little box in preparation for his second question (answer: an emphatic yes!).

To my credit, my hunch about a lunch wasn't completely off, as things did eventually turn to lunch location possibilities. After a little more walking, we ended up at a little diner where we ordered a chocolate milkshake with lunch which caused the men manning the counter to laugh rather loudly at us. We got our outrageous request (it was quite nice) and I ate more of Angus's French fries than he probably would have preferred but he was nice enough not to say anything to me.

After lunch, we bundled back up and went to the conference where we sat (and stood) through a few more panels before heading off to a rather nice dinner with a billion and a half of my closest Federalist friends. I don't know if Angus tipped off his friend Robin before, or if she was just incredibly observant, but she was the first to come over and tell us congratulations. It was very nice to be able to talk to her and I am very glad that she was there.

They made an announcement after dinner was over where they asked us to stand up and wave. Or, more accurately, Angus stood up and waved while I just stood up and buried my head into his shoulder. Socially awkward is a pretty accurate description of me in the best of situations and when I'm in a room full of complete strangers certain characteristics tend to surface and be magnified. But it was a nice dinner and the several attendees who came up after dinner to offer their good wishes were quite sweet.

So, that was the big news from the Madisontastic weekend. I'm very, very happy. I do have to say that it is a little easier being all the way down here in Texas since I've had a little piece of The Yankee around my finger. It's a pretty incredible thing just to glance down and be reminded that the most wonderful man in the world loves me. I am, without question, the luckiest woman in the world.

But turnabout is fair play and the next TMEA convention or Clarinetfest...