A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stepping into the Way Back Machine

Due to a harddrive failure, I am accessing the Internets from a vintage mid-line Toshiba laptop that I bought with my own babysitting money back in 1998*. Until I am able to get a new one (this evening, perhaps?), just know that:
a) the best way to get in touch with me is probably going to be by phone
b) I'll be a little slower than normal in answering my e-mail.

Also, I am incredibly glad that I kept the hard copies of the vast majorities of my compositions. That, of course, means that the Requiem is still on track for completion in 2043! I'll sleep well tonight knowing that my archiving (read: minor packrat) tendencies are vindicated.

*My fingers had first typed 1889 by mistake. That century-plus doesn't seem to be a very large difference when talking about the capabilities of this computer...