A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Very small things that are bothering me right now

Problem: I miss my mornings!

Solution: I think that if this lesson thing keeps working out, I'm going to need to change my schedule so that I can take a nap during the day. With a nap under my belt, I can stay up late and get up early.

Problem: I miss the sub-miserable temperatures. It's almost October and it's still 100?!! I know that I should be used to it by now but, well, I'm a wimp.

Solution: I have (oh, let's say) one month to befriend a Boy Scout, have him give me extensive notes on what to do once I'm there and plan a camping trip in Arkansas. Or Idaho. Or South Dakota. Somewhere both cooler and greener than Texas right now. If it doesn't get cooler by Halloween, just know that I've relocated.

Problem: My back hurts.

My previous attempts to teach my cat how to massage my back have been unqualified failures. I'm kind of stumped here.