A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's getting too hot for this

3:00 and 99 outside. It's finally summer weather, meaning my wanderlust should be kicking in any day now. *sigh*

I spent the cool part of the day with a couple of books out at the park. On my way, I stopped in at the better supermarket in town to get a bottle of wine. I picked up a nice little Riesling and went on my way, leaving it to finish chilling in the salt water and ice bath in the cooler in the back seat.

I did violate my rule and spent over $10 on the bottle, though. Still, it was a nice purchase. I loved the floral notes as I smelled it. The honey undercurrent was a bit cloying after a couple of drinks, but it was well balanced by some chalkiness at the front. Overall, I'm happy and not sorry I spent an extra dollar.

Unfortunately, the weather turned hot fairly quickly and, as I hate sweating, I sought out air conditioning. These little trips to the park or the lake will come less frequently, but I do live for the couple of weeks that the weather is tolerable for outdoor enjoyment. There is nothing better than a day at the park with some books and a bottle of wine. It's just too bad that spring lasts for precisely 23 days in Texas.