A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Right outside of Fort Worth

Some cattle are standing in a field on a windy day. All of a sudden, a huge gust of wind comes along and all the cows fall over, but the bulls just stand there, bracing themselves against the gale.

The cows are annoyed, but they stand up and go back to eating the grass. Soon, though, a tornado comes and knocks all the cows over again. Shaken up this time, the cows begin to get concerned for their safety and wonder if they should move closer to the barn, so they have some protection from the weather.

They take a vote, and the group is split right down gender lines. The cows are outraged. One of them asks the dominant bull why they are so unconcerned with their safety.

He answers, "We bulls wobble, but we don't fall down."