A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I need an assignment

Preferably now. My humble home is clean and pretty. I've taken a Q-tip to my keyboard and cleaned off all the icky dust that had accumulated between the keys. My clarinet is happy and in its case with a new liner. I've sewn every button and hemmed every skirt that needed it. I've even given my cat a bath.

I'm not saying that I'm bored, because I have more than enough books to keep me happy. It's just that.... *sigh*

Surely this will pass before morning.

UPDATE: It has, indeed, passed! I now have planning and budgeting and wonderfully happy sighing to do. I also have stomach butterflies with whom I have to have a "Come to Jesus" talk and a dress that may need some simple altering. Truly, this is the most brilliant of all summer vacations. :)