A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, October 19, 2006

So, Sarah, what have you been up to?

I hear you asking. The clamor is deafening, so I figure I better do my best to appease the adoring hoards.

Well, besides the obvious things that couples do a month to six weeks into the married state, we've been doing a lot of cooking. Like, seriously. Although this seems boring or very silly, it hasn't been either. You see, we're at the stage in the game where we actually like each other. Like, all the time.

I know! Hard to believe!

Not only that but at this point Angus actually claims to enjoy cooking and will *gasp* actually cook for *me*. Witness:
That's right. It's a Black Forest Cake. That Angus made pretty much all by him self. Don't believe me? Well, since this blog is in the proof offering business:

Yeah, I know.
More cooking adventures here. (Warning: fried foods alert!)

Seriously, though, it's mostly just been a settling in period. I'm still waiting on the last of my things from Texas to arrive and the big looming project is the Thank You cards that need to be sent out but besides that, everything has been remarkably (and blessedly) smooth sailing. Between the Netflix and the Project Runway and the Blogspot, we're having fun up here in Yankeeland. (Who would've thunk?). Angus's fancy-pants job has been pretty great in that it doesn't keep him away from the stove for too long each day and my lessons are pretty near perfect. We even like the neighborhood, though the lack of a truly close grocery store and a movie theatre is a little annoying.

I can't speak with authority on behalf of The Yankee, but I think we're doing pretty darn well. I, at least, am very happy and liking this Yankeeland thing much more than a good Texan should.