A Glass of Chianti

Friday, December 02, 2005

Baby steps closer to Missouri barbecue

While looking into a possible (but, most probably, unlikely) trip to the "Gateway to the West,"* I noticed that Southwest Airlines is going to begin service to fly there from Love Field in few days.

This news forced me to think about my position on the Wright Amendment.** I like flying Southwest, and gladly travel to Dallas (ick) to do so. I very much in support of companies who can snooker the taxpayers of that fine city into subsidizing their costs of business. I'm also completely in awe of how they have been able to frame the debate on the possible revision of the Wright legislation such that they are the most seriously victimized party if it is not repealed.***

Anyway, I think that I'm going to hide my credit card when I have my exciting gimlet festival tomorrow evening. I'm quite certain that if I don't, I'll do something really silly.

I blame the PBS special introducing me to the Cathedral.

*Despite its being a gateway, it is not where the West begins
**This news is at least a partial repeal of the Amendment. Airlines flying out of Love Field in Dallas were previously limited to destinations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico.
***I agree with them that the legislation is terrible. (I don't think that the repeal is going to help them as much as they think it will and I wish they'd play the information straight.) The solution is to repeal the Amendment, and then have the City of Dallas sell Love field to DFW so that the airlines are competing, instead of the airports. So simple. So right. Soooooo not going to happen... *sigh*