A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One bad thing about summer

Is that my drawl comes back.* I've worked hard at various points in my life to disguise my native accent because, well, people tend to make fun of it. I've done a great job with it because there are people I've known (some for years) that haven't heard me in full-on Texas mode. I don't do a ton of talking in the summer so it tends to creep back slowly and unexpectedly. Indeed, today was my first phone conversation since before Memorial Day and my Utahan friend kindly pointed out the return of the accent**.

*sigh* I guess I should start reading people's blogs out loud to counteract this embarrassing situation.

Or I could just sound like a Texan for another couple of weeks...

*It also returns during the rest of the year if I'm
a) sleepy
b) around other drawlin' people for an extended period
c) drinking a bit
d) nervous
**Which is a lot like me pointing out that she's pregnant. :P