A Glass of Chianti

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Eucharistic Miracle(?) in Dallas

I was going to blog on this this morning before my lessons, but I didn't have the time. Amy blogs here and links to this TV newscast. There's some sloppy reporting going on in the article that, thankfully, didn't make it to the broadcast (it infers that one of the women they interviewed was a witness to the beginnings of the incident, when it is quite evident that she was not.)

There's a lot in this story that raises questions (they just "forgot" about this in a cabinet for a month? The newscast interview with the priest was conducted in Spanish - and I can't hear under the voiceover to do my own translation?) and I don't know what to think when there is only one source that I can track after a couple of days of being in the press and she starts with "[t]he story goes"...

Anyway, when (if?) I can sort out the reporting questions from the "burning bosom" radar questions I'll weigh in officially.

UPDATE: Matter closed. That was fast.