A Glass of Chianti

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beethoven would be a video game composer

Or so says Tommy Tallarico, himself a composer for video games. I think a good case could be made for Beethoven the film score composer, but I'm not on board with Mr. Tallarico. First of all, Old Ludwig wasn't really into embracing new technology - his opus list* isn't really heavy on the non-traditional instrumentation. Also, when he got it into his head to compose for things epic and grand, they tended to turn out like his Wellington's Victory, and we all know how that was, ummmmmmmm, great (though I must admit that I quite dig the cannons).

I think the most probable video game scorist of the big composers would be Mozart, Mr. Glass Armonica. We certainly know it wouldn't be Brahms (Quote: "Glauben Sie ich will fur die Schreibtischelade schreiben?").

(Via, Patty)

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