A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Apologia for a right-wing snob

Sounds like someone wouldn't have gotten along with Whittaker Chambers very well. (Chambers wasn't, you know, polished enough.)

The sad thing is that there are some fair points in the article (why don't people grow up anymore? why are some seemingly proud of being uncivilized?) but they're obscured by so much, well, snobbery it's hard to read... and I agree with the guy more than I disagree! If he wants to act the intellectual then fine, but "swing dancing" music isn't something a real intellectual would put on the table.

I also don't know if Mr. Judge would agree that the deification of the "common man" happens just as much on the left as on the right (see, for example, the "urban champion of outsider art" archetype).

Basically, it seems that we'd probably get along well at the voting booth, but he's not the kind of man I'd invite over for dinner*. Plus, I probably know more about Brahms than he does, so the dinner table discussion wouldn't even be that intellectually stimulating.

*Is that a "provincial upbringing" I'm betraying? Probably.