A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Goodness, with all the empty pews at Mass this morning, you'd almost think everyone was recovering from a big party that I wasn't invited to attend last night. Surely not, though...

All in all, though, I hope that 2006 is a lot like 2005, but just more. I hope there are more kisses from Angus. I hope there are more good (but shorter) blog postings here. I hope that Coco has even more tuna than she did in 2005. I hope that there are more All-Staters among my students than last year (which is looking like a pretty sure bet right now... they're just that awesome). I hope to make more friends in the coming year. I hope there's more rain in the forcast.

All that being said, if it's still hot like it is now in May, I'm moving. Chile is leading the list right now in potential places for relocation, but I'll consider others, should the need arise.