A Glass of Chianti

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

An unplanned afternoon off

It's a little chilly today*. In fact, due to the fact that we can't drive when there's even a tiny bit of ice on the roads, my after school lessons this evening were cancelled. I tried to use my time wisely and finish up a project that I need to get done by tomorrow evening, but ended up doing a bit of Christmas shopping***. For all of the people unable to get to work and school because the conditions were sooooo terrible, there were certainly a lot of people out buying things.

In any case, I'm very, very happy it's cold outside. My incredibly cute coat and I got reacquainted and I was able to use one of my favorite umbrellas to protect me from the frozen elements. This is a huge relief.

*Was it 89° four days ago? Yes, yes it was.
**It's not looking good.
***This did not go well either.