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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Phil the Pill?

Doesn't this just make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

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Quick, get the kids for a great photo op!

Really. Who is the audience for this? Plush characters generally aren't designed to appeal to the older set. If you're old enough to use what this is advocating, you probably don't need a big white Wintergreen Life Saver (sans hole, of course) pleading your case on the Hill. In fact, you probably should feel a little insulted.

Young girls? Do you really think that four-year olds need to be educated about the presence of The Pill? That's who these characters are for, after all. A visit to Disney World or Six Flags will tell you the traditional audience of this type of thing.

I don't do essays on Supreme Court decisions, so you'll hear nothing about Griswold v. Connecticut from me. I'm not a lawyer so any thoughts I had would likely be based on the politics that came from the decision, not actual jurisprudence. Count yourself lucky that I don't go on and on about law. It would probably be even more interminable than my (theoretical) musings on Dave Nelson or Peggy Noonan.

Yes, I know it's calculated for the buzz. I am just interested in the motives behind the desire to be noticed. Pro-choice or not, Planned Parenthood should give you the shivers.