A Glass of Chianti

Friday, June 03, 2005

I had grand plans for the first real day of blogging...

I was going to edit my template so it was suitable to my exacting aesthetic standards.
I was going to make sure that the blogroll was finished and organized to my obsessive-compulsive heart's content.
I was going to write an establishing "introduction to Sarah" post that would be fascinating and notable for clarity.

But, I've just had one of those days.

One of those days like Dan Fielding had the day of the city council election returns. You know the episode, right? He was running against a dead man. And losing.

Yes. It was one of those days. So instead of wit, you get a Night Court reference. This will surely bring the great men of the world to my little slice of the Internet. I hesitate to think what my students will feel when they eventually run into this. Probably that I'm even more of a hopeless dork than they already suspected.

Night Court was great, though. Really. I had crushes on Harry Anderson* and John Larroquette that lasted well into middle school. My contemporaries in elementary school were swooning over the guys in New Kids on the Block.

And so, it begins.

*This is not quite as sad as my (still lasting) crush on George Will. Yeah, I know...