A Glass of Chianti

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Why I am considering changing my preferences to "allow only users on my Buddy List" to contact me

Conversation starters in the past 48 hours (and how I love each and every weekend rush):
Shuler1231: Hey whats up..name is Chris...6'3 tall, brown hair and eyes..good build..what do you look like?

Irunoften: i napped
Irunoften: now im grogy
Me: Oh my. I'm sorry.
Irunoften: i needed it
Me: Well, good then.
Me: I'm glad you're rested.
Irunoften: pic?
This is my favorite so far. A conversation with a guy who has some incredibly fast typing skills. Time: 5 minutes, 31 seconds
OMFlint: hi i'm jon.
OMFlint: you are truly...
OMFlint: the first texax clarinet...
OMFlint: teacher...
OMFlint: i have ever met!
OMFlint: being honest.
Me: :-D It's a fun job. Really.
OMFlint: its really a pleasure to meet you.
OMFlint: i'm in banking.
OMFlint: i do have a picture.... do you?
Me: I do have a picture, though I can't imagine why you'd like to know.
OMFlint: i can send my pic.
OMFlint: you can if you'd like.
Me: I'm fine. I don't need a picture for a conversation.
OMFlint: its just nice to learn who you are talking with.
Me: I suppose so, though it's pretty clear to me that a picture won't tell you much about a person.
OMFlint: i agree.
OMFlint: did you like my pic?
Me: I didn't even check.
OMFlint: can you?
Me: Sure.
Me: I don't know what you want me to say. It looks as if you are, indeed, human.
Me: And I have learned exactly nothing by looking at it.
OMFlint: welll i'm very sincere.
OMFlint: your age?
Me: I'm 26, and I'm glad you are sincere.
OMFlint: i'm 34.
OMFlint: i love travel.
OMFlint: love great restaurants...
OMFlint: really into sports.
Me: Those are all nice things.
OMFlint: i like romance.
Me: Do you ahve a favorite place that you've been?
OMFlint: i like being attentive to a woman.
OMFlint: i really admire the greek islands.
Me: I've never been there before. What is so nice about the islands?
OMFlint: well they are very free spirited.
Me: The islands? or the people? ;)
OMFlint: there are no restrictions... when it comes to relaxation.
OMFlint: both.
OMFlint: great food...
OMFlint: great restaurants...
OMFlint: wonderful beaches...
OMFlint: well
OMFlint: the women there...
OMFlint: are very open with their sexuality.
OMFlint: they exude it.
OMFlint: are you as open about your sexuality?
Me: As the islands? Probably not.
OMFlint: i understand.
OMFlint: i was referring to in such an environment.
OMFlint: not in daily life.
Me: You have really confused me.
OMFlint: its far different than teaching clarinet.
OMFlint: was trying to establish...
OMFlint: just how diverse you are.
Me: I see. Well, I have diverse interests if that is what you mean.
OMFlint: i find that very nice.
OMFlint: are you planning on sending your pic?
OMFlint: you seem mature...
OMFlint: i like your name.
OMFlint: its different.
OMFlint: you teach....
OMFlint: an instrument...
OMFlint: of the intellectual.
OMFlint: so yes...
OMFlint: i'm intrigued.
Me: OK. Well, then let's start there.
OMFlint: are you at all intrigue???
OMFlint: i have played for a alot of years.
OMFlint: on and off.
OMFlint: love playing dave matthews.
Me: Ahhhh. That's interesting. What is your favorite song to play?
OMFlint: are you at all intrigued???
OMFlint: how tall are you?
OMFlint: are you a very thin person?
Me: YOu're just striking me as strangely fixated on how I look.
OMFlint: any clarinet teacher i have ever known...
OMFlint: has not been a slender person.
OMFlint: i'm not fixated on it...
OMFlint: its just that i am curious as to who i might be talking to.
OMFlint: you know what i look like!!!
OMFlint: big difference.
Me: But I don't care. And I wouldn't have checked, except you asked me to.
OMFlint: your probably ugly